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MA Apostille Services

We are a one-stop-solution to all apostille, notary and translation services. We can have your legal documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, FBI reports and College Degrees translated, notarized, apostilled and shipped to you via DHL anywhere in the world.

You can hand deliver or FedEx us your documents to the address below:

Neighborhood Parcel
Apostille Division
1215 Main St, Unit 115
Tewksbury, MA 01876

Apostille service processing time depends on the State. You will receive a faster processing time for Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island since we can walk into their offices. Rest of the States you can expect 1-2 weeks processing timeframe.

You can pay for service at the end of your checkout, in our office or electronic invoicing. We accept all major Credit Cards, Business Checks and PayPal.

When it comes to Vital Records ie: Birth, death and marriage certificates, an original or a certified copy MUST be provided. This is the only version that can be accepted by the respective State.

When it comes to Federal documents like FBI Background Checks, Immigration documents and such, we can help you get them authenticated by the U.S Department of State.

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How Many Documents Requiring An Apostille
(*) All Vital Records Require An Original Copy.
(*) All Vital Records Require An Original Copy.
The Destination country requesting the Apostille MUST be a member of La Hague Convention
Our Service Fees Include Government Fees, excludes postage to and from the government offices. Mailing charges to be billed separately.
(*) Please include all relevant details including contact phone numbers. We will send your the tracking numbers upon dispatching your documents.
This is a good faith agreement. The submission of an order form to us for apostille processing indicates the customer’s agreement with this disclaimer and expressly excludes responsibility of any kind. The client accepts and releases our company and its agents of any claim of damages from the processing of the documents. We will do our best efforts to protect the client´s privacy and document confidentiality during the processing periods. Cancellations and refund requests require 24 Hrs. notice minimum.
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