How To Notarize French Documents in Boston MA

comment notarier les documents français à Boston MA


Mobile Notary

We will send our agents to your house, office, library, or hospital to help you notarize your Power Of Attorney, Mortgage Deed, Real Estate Documents and any legal Documents.

Nous enverrons nos agents à votre maison, bureau, bibliothèque ou hôpital pour vous aider à notarier votre procuration, votre acte hypothécaire, vos documents immobiliers et tout document juridique.

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French Notary

Neighborhood Parcel is a mobile notary service that provides convenient and cost-effective notarization of your financial and legal documents from home, hospital, or office in the Boston MA area.

With Neighborhood Parcel you can be confident that all of your transactions are legally binding because we provide personalized, professional services for a flat-rate fee. We deliver peace of mind with our on-demand notarizations at any time, day or night.

Massachusetts Apostille

First Thing, first!

First check that you’re competent (you need to meet certain criteria) and entitled (i.e. this document must be prepared for someone who can choose a french notary).

Signature Witness

The second check is if the act prepared does require the intervention of a French notary (see below), and if so, where should he perform his service.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Third, contact French notaries practicing in your area and ask them how much it would cost them to come to sign this act.  Then, engage them on their fees before they come over.

We Keep It Simple

Finally, prepare French documents and invite a French notary to come to your home or office to sign them. You can also book an appointment here to come to our office and eliminate the additional travel cost.

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French Documents Notary

French notaries are qualified to act in all civil law matters.  They are independent, impartial, and neutral with the public interest being above all. They have a non-contentious jurisdiction when they are required to certify the authenticity of acts or contracts, prepare certain kinds of contracts or when their intervention is mandatory (for instance under the French Commercial Code).  A French notary is chosen by agreement between parties; his role is that of an arbiter of last resort for any disagreement regarding the content of the act he has drawn up (he may refuse if he thinks it does not reflect freely given will of contracting parties ).

The French notarial deed drawn up by a French notary in Boston ma is the official french counterpart of your french document. You can get it officially authenticated at the French consulate closest to you.

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