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How To Notarize Your Documents

We help you get your documents notarized in Massachusetts.
Power Of Attorney Notary

Our notary staff takes all necessary precautions to make sure that we complete the job correctly

1. we Never Notarize a Signer Who Isn’t Present or without ids

Failing to require a signer’s personal appearance and a valid photo ID can cause trouble down the line. Our notary agents always abide by our Massachusetts state’s personal appearance requirements.  You may be unhappy to learn this, but it is the law and we comply with it.

2. Incomplete Documents cannot be notarized

Your document needs to be completed prior to notarization, with no blanks, or crossed-out spaces. There is a risk those blanks could be filled in with fraudulent information. By making sure all blanks are filled in at the time of service, we can protect both the signer and the transaction from potential fraud.

3. The Signers must be clearly identified

We require a proper ID to complete the service. This is in accordance with Massachusetts state’s laws that ensure a signer’s identity is properly vetted and identified.

4. The signer is aware and willing

One of our key responsibilities is to make sure that the signer is signing the document willingly and understands what they are signing. This will prevent them from falling victim to theft and protect their assets from falling into the wrong hands.

5. we use a notary Journal Record of our transactions

Our agent logs all transactions in our notary log, this includes names, addresses, photo ID details, and signer’s acknowledgments.

Before you sign your documents, Mortgage, Power Of Attorney Or Deed, you must be aware of the following:

  • You Must Have a Valid Photo ID.
  • You Must Sign In The Presence Of Notary Public.
  • No Blanks spaces should be left on the forms.

You MUST have a valid Photo ID in order to identify yourself. This Government Issued Documents must be valid and clearly identify you.


You MUST Sign in the presence of a notary agent. If you pre-sign your document, it will void the service but the agent has discretion in accepting your signature to be redone.


NO blank spaces should be left unfilled, if the section does not apply to you, then you should cross it out.


Our Notary Agents have the right to refuse service, the state law allows them to refuse service if they feel that the document notarization will not comply with State Law.


Appointments are necessary and you need to book ahead of time to ensure the availability of staff to help you notarize your documents. 


We are not lawyers, so please seek legal advice from a professional attorney. We CANNOT give you legal advice.

…the agent was very detail-oriented and very knowledgeable, he answered all of my questions and helped me get my documents notarized and apostille my documents for submission overseas. I am happy to recommend this service

The following types of documents present a higher potential risk of fraud:

  • Real estate documents: They involve high-value real estate property, such as homes or land, and con artists often forge signatures on deeds or other documents to take out fraudulent mortgages or sell a property out from under the rightful owners.
  • Powers of attorney: They can give a person control over another individual’s bank accounts, property, and even medical treatment. Forging powers of attorney is becoming more common as the baby-boom generation reaches retirement age.
  • Estate documents are risky because they determine who gets the person’s assets at death. Those who have left look for ways to cash in — and go after a Notary who may have improperly notarized the signature.
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