Assisted Living Notary Service offers mobile notary services for assisted living locations in Massachusetts. This service is especially useful for residents of assisted living facilities who may have difficulty leaving the facility to have documents notarized. A mobile notary from will come to the assisted living location and provide notarization services on-site. This can include notarizing documents such as the power of attorney, wills, and advanced health care directives. The mobile notary will also bring all necessary equipment and supplies, such as a notary stamp and journal.
Clear Filters

Patients and residents of elder care facilities like nursing homes and assisted living retirement communities need the Notary services just as often as the rest of the population, perhaps even more. Mobile Notaries who serve them are usually friends of the signers’ families, notary employees working for eldercare facilities at which the signers live or mobile notaries that provide the convenience of traveling to the signer’s doorstep